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Product Information

Our covers are designed to protect backflow devices from temporary freezing conditions, which occur during cold snaps and overnight freezing. Primarily, it is for frost protection. For climates with extreme freezing temperatures, especially for a long duration, we suggest a solid structure with a heating element.
Covers are available in Forest Green and Mountain Rock Beige.These two colors have been chosen to maximize the trapping of heat during the day to protect the backflow device through the freezing night. Select the color that blends best with your climate or landscape design.

R-13 value applies to the walls of a properly installed cover. Do to the opening at the bottom of a cover, conductive heat loss can occur. The cover will provide a weather resistive barrier that increases the time before freezing can occur. At 32 degrees (freezing) with zero water flow, no wind chill, one can expect about 18 hours of protection. At 15 Degrees, about 10 hours of protection, this meets industry standards. Any water flow during freezing conditions will increase the protection time.  

Our products are manufactured in California. Proudly made in the United States of America. Crafted with quality materials that will hold up under extreme cold, rain, snow, wind and summer heat.

We utilize the following materials in our covers:

  • 11oz. Acrylic Coated Polyester - Aqualon - 5 year limited warranty  (colors available: Forest Green & Mountain Rock Beige)
  • Insulated with Bonded Dacron Fiber
  • #2 Brass Spur Grommet  (Fastens across the bottom with  grommets using zip ties or locking device for security)
  • #138 Black Bonded Dacron Thread 
  • 18oz Black Vinyl (Lining for durability)
  •  2" Black Velcro (Large blankets are fastened across the top with velcro & grommets)


Custom sizes and styles available. Email your measurements with a detailed drawing to info@dalescanvas.com




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